Gould International UK Ltd encourages responsible forestry management by promoting the use of third party Chain of Custody (CoC) certified Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) paper products.

It is the goal of Gould to only sell papers produced by manufacturers supporting responsible forestry practice.

We recognise that use of recycled fibre can serve to reduce the pressure on forests and extend the life cycle of natural resources, so are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of recycled paper that can also be PEFC and FSC certified.


We are able to zero the carbon emissions generated during the manufacture of any paper and board supplied to our customers.

We match carbon emissions to the sequestration of carbon by woodlands planted in the UK under the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). You simply need to state that you want to Zero Carbon a purchase either as a one-off or as an ongoing commitment. We will acknowledge your request and add the information to your invoice detailing the service and fee.

Statements and logo use have been pre-approved by the Woodland Carbon Code Manager for use by Zero Carbon customers. No delays waiting for claim and logo approvals. WCC logo is supplied by GIUK along with rules for use.

Gould International has had Woodland Carbon Code Pending Issuance Units assigned from Doddington North forest creation project (IHS ID103/26819) that will, as the trees grow, compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture of the paper under Zero Carbon service. More information can be found at https://www.woodlandcarboncode.org.uk/


The UK Woodland Carbon Code is a voluntary standard endorsed by the Government for UK woodland creation projects where claims can be made about the carbon dioxide they sequester.

Independent validation and verification to this standard provides assurance and clarity about the carbon savings of these sustainably managed woodlands. Validated woodlands can then offer Pending Issuance Units (PIU) of Carbon to third parties.

To allow full transparency, all movements of Carbon units are recorded on the independent IHS Markit Registry, where GIUK has a Registry page  to assign PIU to customers who have chosen to match their purchased paper emissions to a growing woodland. The Gould Registry page will be updated quarterly to record all new PIU assignments.


Gould has been helping their clients understand and apply chain of custody procedures, (both FSC & PEFC) since 2007, which continues to be important for publishers and printers alike.

Gould’s Environmental Officer (EO) is available to assist customers in resolving their environmental issues, by providing simple responses to questions about sustainable products.

We work closely with our customers to assist in achieving FSC or PEFC certifications.

Our EO is also able to attend on-site meetings and seminars.


How do we prepare you for FSC and/or PEFC certification? Initially our EO will visit and run a pre-certification assessment to better understand your business and procedures.

A draft outline of what is required to proceed with certification will then be drawn up and timetabled, alongside creating detailed documentation and training of personnel.

Once this has been completed, we will make a ‘dry run’ of the certification audit to ensure that all components are in place and are understood. Our EO can also be available for the external audit and subsequent annual audits as required.



We don’t just abandon you once you are certified. Our EO continues to be available to help you remain up to date with changes in the FSC/PEFC scheme standards, help with questions from your customers or support you with other related issues.




Gould Paper Sales is a division of Gould International and OVOL Japan Pulp & Paper. With the world’s largest footprint we are ideally suited to support your local and global activity.

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